Dr Kirk Honda and co-host Humberto Castaneda

The Psychology In Seattle® Podcast has around 50,000 dedicated listeners. The host, Dr. Kirk Honda, is a professor and therapist, and Humberto provides the layperson's voice. The podcast is an entertaining mix of seriousness and silliness. To get access to premium episodes, go to Patreon.com. Email: Contact@PsychologyInSeattle.com

"I'm a huge fan of the show and have listened to nearly every podcast you've put out. I found you guys because I was desperately searching for a psychology podcast that wouldn't put me to sleep behind the wheel." -Kelsey Walker, psychology student

"Enjoy your podcast. You've struck a nice blend of whimsical and technical. Keep up the great work!" -James Liggett, Psy.D.


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