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Become a patron of the podcast on Patreon.com and get access to the premium content which includes in-depth, ad-free episodes. When you become a patron of our podcast, you will receive specific instructions on how to access patron-exclusive episodes. Email contact@psychologyinseattle.com for help.

1. Podcast listening app -- After becoming a patron and reading the instructions, patrons enter a specific URL and login to access the premium feed. Recommended apps for Android phones: Podcast Addict, Pocketcast, Podkicker, and Podcast Republic. Recommended apps for Apple: Apple Podcasts, Downcast, RSS Radio, and PodCruncher. The Premium Feed doesn’t seem to work with Stitcher, Ziepod, Player FM, or Overcast.

2. Website -- All episodes are on the website, including all the patron-exclusive episodes, which are on the “Patron Eps” tab. When you become a patron on Patreon, you will be given the password.  

3. Patreon -- If you become a patron, the Patreon website and the Patreon phone app are good ways to listen to recent episodes. You also get email notifications about posts, such as polls and pictures.


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All free episodes can be found on this feed

1. Podcast listening app -- Free episodes within the last year are available on apps such as Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict, and Stitcher.

2. Website -- The only place where all episodes can be found. All episodes are organized by year and by subject. This is the best place to find old or particular episodes.

3. YouTube -- All free episodes are on our YouTube channel.

4 . Facebook and Twitter -- Good for recently posted free episodes.

5. Spotify and iHeart -- All recent free episodes are available.

Older Episodes

1 . Website -- This is the only place where all episodes are available, including archived and premium patron-only episodes

2. YouTube -- All free episodes are available on YouTube.


If you have troubles, email contact@psychologyinseattle.com