Dr. Kirk Honda

Kirk Honda, PsyD, LMFT is the primary host of the Psychology In Seattle Podcast. He is also Core Faculty in the Couple and Family Therapy Program at Antioch University Seattle. He has been practicing as a psychotherapist since 1996. He has also been supervising clinicians since 1999.

Humberto Castañeda

Humberto Castañeda is said to provide the "layperson's" voice on the podcast.  But the truth is much darker.  Also, he has never, ever, even once held a job, at least not that he remembers.  On the other hand, he also has five fingers.  Some say he is a reincarnated Colombian werewolf, from 500 years ago.  Others say Humberto is not alive at all; they believe he is an actual Nosferatu (Greek for "Frankenstein's Doctor").  Still, the most alive he ever feels is in front of that Psychology in Seattle microphone, letting it ALL out.   He loves, loves, loves podcasting, and he absolutely tolerates almost all of his co-hosts.  Psychology is terribly fascinating to him because of his sordid past, and he is on a mind-altering mission to put an end to it, once and for all.  Humberto's secret weapon is his SSV, and his favorite color is the one he prefers over all other colors.  The end?


Rebecca Bloom

Rebecca has a master’s degree in art therapy and creativity development and is a board certified art therapist and a Washington State licensed mental health counselor. Since 2001, she has provided counseling, training, and consulting services in the areas of youth and family services as well as adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues. For eight years, she taught in Antioch University Seattle's master’s Art Therapy program.